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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Crowns and Cupcakes

I've always tried to add creative, personal touches to birthdays and not rely on storebought things to make the day special. It's been fun as the years have gone on to see the rest of the family getting into that spirit. We just had a birthday recently, and everyone pitched in. I've always made a birthday crown, whether of fresh flowers or felt. This year I forgot about the crown until nine o'clock the night before. A quick Google image search gave me the idea of making cut-outs in one material, and backing it with another color, it turns out pretty well and only took about 1/2 hour:

My oldest wanted to make cupcakes for the party, but since the party was going to be away from the house, we had a transportation problem. Again, Google came to the rescue with the idea of "cupcakes in a jar". She baked the cupcakes, then cut them in half and layered them in a jar with some delicious cookies'n'cream frosting. Unfortunately I don't have any closeups showing the layers, but it looked very pretty. My sister finished the jars off with these cute bamboo spoons and raffia bows, and we threw in some pretty cloth napkins I'd found at a thrift store:

Last, dad and brother got into the act with these scrumptious dipped cupcakes. Chocolate cupcake, topped with a mound of yummy frosting, then dipped in chocolate ganache and topped with a cherry. The picture doesn't begin to do them justice, they looked fabulous and tasted amazing: