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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Beanbag Chairs and Checkerboard Slippers

For Christmas this year, I made 5 beanbag chairs. 2 large, 3 smaller, for each male member of the household. It was a big project, but it is finished and they all enjoy these very much. So much in fact, that they are talking about needing more beanbag chairs, so they can all have 2 to stretch out on and take naps.
Here is the link to the pattern and instructions I used. I used corduroy for the outside and plain cotton fabric for the inside. Technically I made 10 beanbag chairs, since just the liner is filled with shredded foam, the soft corduroy cover is meant to be removable for washing. By the way, they all have zippers, in case more filling is needed or filling needs to be replaced.

 They pretty much take up the whole living room. Kids have been jumping on them from the couch, putting them all together and take naps, or just sit down and read a book. They are comfy. I am seriously considering making one more for myself.

The other project that has been keeping me up late into the night is knitting these slippers. I only took a picture of these 2 pairs, since others pairs have been shipped off as Christmas gifts or were being worn at the time I had the camera out. It is a simple pattern, but when you have to make 9-10 pairs and still feel a bit guilty about the other 9-10 pairs requested, but turned down...well, it gets to you. I am slippered out. I still have to finish a couple pairs. The pattern is very good, depending on your gauge, you may have to adjust the amount of squares you knit. I used size 8 needles and worsted weight yarn (make sure it is a fairly good quality, does not break easy - otherwise they will be worn through in a matter of a few weeks- and can be acrylic yarn.) For the kids sizes, I used 10 squares width, 8 squares length; adult women size is 10 by 10 squares, and for men sizes 11-13  use 12 by 12 squares. My gauge was 1 square=1 inch.