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Thursday, December 30, 2010


My oldest has been asking for a Snuggie for over a year. This is my child with zero sales resistance, I try not to let her even watch TV commercials because she invariably swallows the sales pitch hook, line, and sinker. Somehow she saw a few commercials for these, though, and decided she had to have one. I dismissed it as an "As Seen on TV" gimic, we have plenty of blankets laying around making a mess in the living room, we don't need to add these weird, probably awkward-to-fold hybrids to the pile.

But this year I've been working on listening to what my family wants, rather than imposing my will on them dictator-style. I mean, I still know what's best for everyone 98% of the time, but I figure it's good for family relations if I throw them a bone once in awhile. So against my better judgement, I googled "Snuggie pattern". I had never really understood the construction of a Snuggie, or what the advantage over a regular blanket really was, but once I got the concept- it's just a blanket you cut armholes in and attach sleeves- I was converted to the brilliance of the Snuggie. I can sit on the couch and knit while watching TV and still have my arms and upper body INSIDE the blanket! I can cuddle up on the couch with a book, and hold the book and turn the pages without requiring any part of my body to emerge from the warm cocoon! And for the kids, since that's what this is about, they can read, play video games, etc and stay warm.

There are a lot of web pages with patterns out there, this is the one I used since I was making child-sized ones:
Make a Child Sized Snuggie

I even overcame my perfectionism and abandoned my original plan of making a real tied-quilt style Snuggie. I hate using artificial fibers for anything, so I was resistant to the idea of using fleece. But as Christmas loomed nearer and I hadn't gotten started, the ease of the fleece won out. Since the fleece didn't have to be hemmed or finished off in any way, it really only took about twenty minutes each to make these. My kids love the prints, and they couldn't be happier with the results: