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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Over dyeing

Our standard policy for stained clothing has been to tie-dye them. Every summer we tie-dye with the kids outside. It is a lot of fun and we get more wear out of clothes that are in good shape, just too stained. But what to do with this?
That chocolate milk stain was done 2 kids ago. I kept it, because it is a really nice cardigan, in excellent shape and I was hoping that through the years stain removal products will improve. Well, one can always dream. But as I was going through my craft stuff, I found a bottle of liquid RIT dye in denim color. I remember getting it for something, but dyeing in the washing machine made me hesitate and I just forgot about it. After a quick search, I found that you do not have to do it in the washing machine. You just need the hottest tap water you can get, add salt, and dye to a bucket. Add clothes and while wearing rubber gloves swish clothes around a bit to make sure the clothes soaked up the dye evenly. Then just walk away for a few hours. (It is highly recommended to return about every 15 minutes or so and repeat the swishing.) It only takes 1 hours, but if you want deeper colors, wait longer. I left the cardigan in the dye for about 3 hours. Then drained the dye, rinsed the cardigan and put it in the wash with detergent. And here is how it looks now:
I think I can now go ahead and over dye some favorite cotton skirts I have that could use a little change.