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Monday, December 27, 2010

Pie in a Jar

For Christmas I made my mom eight single serving pies-in-jars. I didn't get any pictures of my pies, so I snagged the above picture from the website where I got the instructions, but mine actually turned out nearly as cute as the above picture. It's really pretty easy to get an adorable result. My sister-in-law and I were brainstorming Christmas dessert ideas, and trying to figure out how to accomodate my mother, as she's been avoiding refined sugar. She's from a tiny town in Maine that calls itself the blueberry capitol of the world, so blueberry pie sweetened with maple syrup seemed like the perfect dessert for her. Nobody else in the family is crazy about blueberry pie, though, and my sister in law remembered reading about making these cute pies in jars. I had exactly the right jars in my pantry leftover from Anna's birthday when we did the cupcakes in a jar. She whipped up the pie dough, and I whipped up the filling, and an hour later we had eight beauties ready to go. My mom pronounced her first one delicious, and she's thrilled to have seven more. It's like having a little love banked right in the freezer.