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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

That's what friends are for

Nori and I both make jewelry. We go back a long way and I remember getting together to make jewelry (outside in my backyard, in Pittsburgh) while our kids ran around entertaining each other. A few weeks ago we both started talking about how it has been a long time since we took out our bead box and the spools of wire. Even though I would buy beads here and there, I would just throw them into a plastic box, put a lid on and forget it. I would take out my beads at Christmas to make a few gifts and then would shove any leftover beads into that plastic box. Bad habit. Very bad habit. Over the last few years I accumulated a good few cups of completely unorganized plastic box of beads. But as we were talking on the phone, we would always bring up our beads and encourage each other to pick up our tools. Before I could do that, I had to attack my mess. It took me 4 back breaking ours, hunched over the table, separating my beads, before I could even attempt to do anything. Feeling a bit rusty, at first I finished a couple of bracelets I had started.
Smokey quartz with lemon quartz and some pretty Bali silver beads. Makes for a nice chunky bracelet.
Freshwater pearls, Bali silver beads and Satin Denim Swarovski crystals. A hard to find color. I can't believe it has been sitting there for years, untouched.
And for something new. From the local craft store, some porcelain beads. I was intrigued with these, because they look almost like coral. I paired them with simple black obsidian and metal spacers and clasp. Simple design, but one of my favorites now, since I can wear it with jeans and a T-shirt.

This is not my idea. I saw a bracelet like this and shamelessly copied it. Or at least got as close as I could get. Mocca and olivine Swarovski crystals with Swarovski pearls and sterling silver beads and clasp.

Now, my head is full of ideas. I can't wait until the boys go to bed every night.
I am back to beading too! I was tempted to give this as the title of the post, but I realized the influence of a friend should get the credit. After all, the whole reason for starting this blog was to inspire and influence each other.