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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bird Reverse Applique Scarf

This is scarf # 2. It took a bit longer. I looked online at different folk designs. I knew I wanted a bird and after a bit of search, then a quick alteration of the found image, I was ready. This time, I did not sew all the layers together. Instead, I pinned the 5 1/2 inch blocks to one of the scarf panels and I copied the bird design onto Wash and Tear stabilizer. I also used a temporary spray adhesive so secure the layers together. It worked well enough.

 I sewed around all of the lines.
 To see how the Wash and Tear worked...great! It melted away, I did not even wash the whole thing, just washed off the stabilizer and put the half done scarf in the dryer.
 You can see how well it worked. Then I cut out all the parts I wanted. In some places I cut through 2 layers, to let some of the brown show.
 Then I sewed the back of the scarf to the front and it was done. I have to say, that so far, this worked the best.