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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Button Tab Hat - STASH

Last year, when I learned to spin thanks to my friend who inspired me, I dyed some wool roving, spun, plied and placed the finished yarn in a my yarn basket. It has been in there for almost a year now. You see, I enjoyed spinning  so much that I just moved on to my next batch of wool roving.  The challenge made me take out my ball of yarn and I really had to sit down to figure out what I wanted to make. No more scarves. That was a no brainer. I browsed Ravelry for ideas. I needed something simple, because the yarn is colorful and using any complicated pattern or stitch design would not come through really well. I fell in love with The Republic Hat . Simple, yet stylish. My gauge was different, so I had to do a bit of math to figure it out. In all honesty, I only calculated the number of stitches I needed to cast on, after that I just winged it. That includes shaping the crown. I kept trying it on as I was shaping it, and when I felt I still needed a bit more length, I stopped decreasing, and just knit a couple of rows. It is a really forgiving and easy hat.
I tried taking pictures while holding the hat. Not so easy. Then I bribed one of my sons to model it. He asked me not include his face in the pictures. Poor kid is only 5 and I already embarrass him.