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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Easy Cable Cast On

Cable cast on is a really great method to get yarn on the needles. It gives you a flexible, yet strong edge and it looks quite pretty. I learned it in my sock knitting class last year. Except that it is not a fast method and it takes quite a while to do. I am a fast knitter, but I remember sitting in my class and being frustrated that it took forever to cast on. I complained a few times, but everyone just kind of shrugged their shoulders, and said that to them it was worth the time. I hated it. So when it was time to knit the other sock, I was not looking forward to it. As homework, we were sent home to cast on and knit the cuff and come back next week. At home, I sat down and  I tried. I really did. I started with a slip knot. I knit into the slip knot, putting my newly created stitch back on the needle, right by the slip knot. I put the needle in between the two stitches and wrapped my yarn around and pulled the needle through with the yarn to try and form a new stitch. Except the yarn did not come through. It stayed. I tried again. And again. And again. Finally it worked. It took me almost 2minutes to make 1 new stitch. At this rate I was going to spend 2 hours just casting on! I hated it. I just sat there for a long time. After some thinking I walked over to the desk, picked up a crochet hook and tried the whole thing again.
 Started with the slip knot.
 Knit into the slip knot and put the new stitch back on the first needle.
 Got rid of the second needle and used the crochet hook. Put it between the two stitches....
grabbed the yarn and pulled it through without any problem,. And I kept going. Now, I am sure I am not the first person to come up with this, but when I Googled it, most knitting websites did not have the option to use a crochet hook by their cable cast on tutorial. I did find it, eventually.
Anyways, I went back to class, and showed the ladies what I did. Some just looked at me funny but a few of them did wonder why they never thought of using a crochet hook for cable cast on.