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Friday, February 25, 2011

MARCH 2011 CHALLENGE - That's NOT Trash

This pair is looking for a good home.
They were long-lost identical twins, separated at birth, who have just found each other here in my home after years of searching and they have decided to move somewhere creative, cosy and loving to spend the rest of their days together. (Actually, they are outgrown baby tights, but I haven't the heart to tell them.)

If you are interested in taking on this responsibility, you'll have to participate in the March 2011 Challenge:
That's NOT Trash!
- our opportunity to create new life from the stuff that we generally consider trash
(i.e. food & juice containers/netting/bags, used packaging material/bubble wrap, mail-order catalogs, styrofoam, socks with too many holes in them, TP/paper towel/wrapping paper rolls, aluminum/tin cans, old magazines/newspapers/telephone books, corks, lids, etc.).

The trash item(s) is/are to be the lone material(s) of your craft. You may use other things like agents for combining pieces of trash (glue, scissors, needle and thread, nails), or basic decorating (paint, markers), but that's it.

This challenge is NOT about repurposing existing things, altering clothing, remaking some actual object into another one, etc. We shall be purists here (as much as possible) and let's just deal with the trash!

Note: there are fantastic ideas on blogs like Michelle Made Me, but also an astounding number of videos of ultracool projects on YouTube, etc. (enter the name of your trash, as in 'bottle caps' to see what turns up!) Look around and let's play with this one, but let's also come up with some brilliant ideas of our own :) If you get inspired by an idea somewhere else, please mention where in your post. Please show a photo of your trash items before they get converted!

The prize: those happy little stripy guys above.

The judging: hmmmm, perhaps by the number of comments or maybe my totally subjective choice of what I find coolest... so, TBD.

The challenge starts now and goes until March 26th. I'll make my choice on the 27th. Good luck, have fun and let that creativity flow!