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Friday, February 11, 2011

Men's Jeans To Skirt With Bleach Pen Art - STASH

I could not resist. My husband was getting rid of a pair jeans that no longer fit him. I had to turn it into a skirt. And while I was at it, I figured why not use up the rest of the bleach pen from my bleach pen Tshirts project and see how it works on jeans.
My 5 year old saw me cutting up the jeans and he said, "Mom, you should leave some jeans. You will not have any pants and then you can't come to the park with us." I grinned at him and told him not to worry, I was using his dad's. It was pretty funny to see his shocked face.
Now, for the next few pictures I will show you how I turn pants into a skirt at the request of a friend. I use wide leg pants or relaxed fit, boot legs work great. Straight leg is fine too.  No slim fit, unless you like to feel like a sausage.
 First, grab the seam ripper and start working on the inseam.
Turn pants inside out and fold together on the sides. Cut off the crouch in a straight line.
On the front I put my ruler right under the zipper and again, try to get as straight as possible. You want to remove all curves from the front and back.

All cut up, ready to sew.
I sewed the front together first. Try to get as close to the zipper as you can. Finish off seams with a serger or zigzag stitch. Iron seam to set it. Now, the back.
From the bottom, I folded in the raw seam 1/2 inch and fold again to create your slit. Pin in place and sew from the right side of the fabric. I do this until about halfway up the skirt. Or you can try it on and mark where you want the slit. The slit should be at least up to your knee. Otherwise you may have to learn to walk like a geisha, with tiny steps. From the slit, just sew the back together, right sides facing each other. Don't forget to finish the seam! Denim frays.
Now, the hemline. As you lay down your almost done skirt, you can tell that the hemline is not even. Get your rotary cutter or scissors and cut in a straight line. Then hem up the skirt, using your favorite method. Go over the seams, cut away extra thread (see the picture above, those need to go). Enjoy your new skirt. Or get a bleach pen and have some fun.  If you decide to decorate your new skirt with a bleach pen, make sure you put something under your fabric, like wax paper, so the bleach does not bleed through to the other side. Also, leave the beach sit longer, up to 1 hour, before you wash it off. Once you wash off the bleach, you can launder the skirt as you normally would.
I am not very good with mirror design. I did sketch my design on paper first and copied off that. I should have drawn it own the jeans, but I got a bit cocky I guess. Oh well.
Now, go raid your closet. Or your husband's. (As long as you can button the jeans and sit down comfortably, you can make a skirt out of them that fit.)