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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ring Bearer Pillow

My dad is getting married this weekend and Jason and I took on the responsibility of making the ring bearer pillow. Our son Josef will be the ring bearer and our daughter Clara the flower girl. They requested Clara to wear a black and red dress to match the groom and we felt this pillow, although very sexy, would be a good match to Clara's dress. We are glad that my dad and his fiance are not very particular, the only request was that nothing was white.
Once upon a time this was a night robe minus the lace and bows. I actually can't take any credit for this project. Jason had the vision and I think he did a beautiful job. So first he cut a large heart template out, then cut the material, and sewed it like you would a pillow, leaving a gap for stuffing. He stuffed it with cotton filling from an old pillow we were about to toss to the trash. Then he hot glued the gap to close it completely. At that point we both agreed that the edges of the pillow were too uneven and lumpy so Jason picked up the black lace and mini bows from the craft store on his break between shifts at work. This was hot glued on too. He also hand stitched on the black ribbons which were also from the robe. There is also an elastic band that was hand stitched on the back for Josef to slip his hand in for a better grip. I'm so impressed with my husband!!!