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Friday, February 11, 2011

Stash Challenge from Janice - my first post!

Hello World! This is my first post and my first try at a challenge. Very exciting!

As usual for me, I'm working on prizes for a raffle for my daughters' dance school and I like to keep things simple, quick to make and, if possible, cute and cuddly. The book 'Stray Sock Sewing' was just the thing - sock dolls! (Since finding this book, I have been a bit obsessive in the terms of purchasing zippy-looking socks, especially teensy baby ones.) So, here's some of my exciting stash of socks (Yes, quite a few I admit.)...

...and the book and my little pals so far (the big red-and-white striped one was made by my now-addicted-in-sock-dolls seamstress friend Annette):

These socks use very little materials (although a huge amount of stuffing!), are easy and fast to make and turn out looking pretty darn cute. The hardest thing is deciding what type of face to sew on. They draw quite a crowd at the raffle table, but I must say it is rather hard for me to part with most of them.