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Sunday, February 13, 2011

STASH Challenge Knit Vest With Clay Buttons

My Mom is a knitter. She loves knitting and I remember growing up watching her knit. Maybe that's why I started knitting myself. Since she has been visiting here, she asked if I have yarn she could use to make something for the boys. Yarn? Laying around, hiding away in a box, because I always think I am Super Woman and can knit 4 sweaters, 4 hats, and socks to match, plus do laundry, feed the kids, and work on other projects in time for Christmas, in November? Yes, I have yarn. Therefore, my Mom started working on the projects I have not even started yet. We decided that together we'll make 4 vests, one for each of the boys. She finished the first one in two days while I barely got beyond casting on and the first few rows. I just don't have the time. I got a bit envious of her. The last couple of days have been beautiful here, so she just sat outside and knit. One day, my time will come too when I can just knit all day, in the sunshine.

Anyways, she finished the first vest and I had no buttons to match. (OK, this picture was taken after I added the buttons, for the sake of my story, pretend they are not there.) She used some handpainted yarn I had on hand from Artyarn. Tan, brown, and blues. It looks much nicer in real life. On this picture it gives me a headache to look at it.

I may not have the time to sit down and knit a vest in 2 days, but I have time to make 2 buttons in 30 minutes! Grabbed some blue Sculpey clay I had for the kids. Found a small bottle they play with, a skewer, and a small rolling pin we use for Play-Doh.

I had to condition the clay. Basically it means I had to soften it. I just rolled  a small piece between my hands for a few minutes. Then I rolled it out to approximately 5-6 mm thick and cut 2 circles.
I wanted some kind of texture on the buttons, so I raided the children's Play-Doh bucket for something. Found some nice tomato and onions designs!
I used the skewer to make the button holes, for even holes, make sure you do it from the back too.

Preheated oven to 275 F, and baked them on foil for about 20 minutes.  That's it. Fun and easy, quick buttons. And they can go in the wash. Really. Just don't dry clean them.