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Friday, February 11, 2011

STASH CHallenge: Nearly Instant Transformation

My girls have been clamoring to try their hand at bleach pen art ever since I first tried it last summer. I still had the bleach pen hanging around, so this afternoon we played around with it. I'll post pictures of those projects as soon as they're done. Applying the bleach pen didn't take long, so while we were waiting for the bleach to sink in, I decided to work in another project I've been dying to try.

I discovered the blog Filth Wizardry a couple of weeks ago, and I'm so impressed with the amazing things this lady makes with her kids, often out of recycled materials. This post, about using plastic bags as iron on decals, has stuck in my head. It was truly a brand new idea I'd never seen anywhere before, and we happened to have these cute little plastic party bags with flowers all over them from a party we went to last month. So my daughter and I cut out some of the flowers:
My daughters have a lot of plain knit shirts that could use some jazzing up. We chose a dark pink on, then we laid the flowers out on the shirt to see how we wanted them placed, covered them with parchment paper, and pressed each with a hot iron for about 10 seconds. They melted right into the shirt beautifully, and she's thrilled with her "new" shirt. The whole process, start to finish, took less than ten minutes: