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Sunday, February 13, 2011

STASH Challenge: Red White and Blue

My mom is from a little town in Maine called Cherryfield, and most of her family still lives there. As a child Cherryfield, and Pond Island, were my favorite places in the world. When I got to visit last summer, I discovered that they still are. I'll call on Wendell Berry to articulate how these places make me feel:
It is possible, as I have learned again and again, to be in one's place, in such company, wild or domestic, and with such pleasure, that one cannot think of another place that one would prefer to be - or of another place at all. -- Wendell Berry

Being there as an adult, I realized as they showed me around, how involved they all are with the community. The library, the town museum, the cemetery- my grandmother and my aunts are actively involved in keeping these institutions going. As someone who's lived all over the place, and never really "belonged" to any place, I admit I felt a little wistful. So when one of my aunts recently initiated a fundraising effort for a Korean/Vietnam Memorial to honor those from Cherryfield who served, I decided to participate. If I don't have my own hometown, I'll borrow theirs. The first fundraising event is a Red White and Blue Bake & Craft Sale. I don't live close enough to bake, but I can craft. And I had this beautiful bright red felted sweater, or remnants of it, in my felted sweater stash. (What, doesn't everyone have a felted sweater stash?) I also happened to have a bunch of barrette backings. I think I bought them at least seven years and three moves ago, which I guess shows you the priority I place on making cutesy girly things like barrettes. So my girls and I went to work the other night with the scissors and hot glue, and created these:
My youngest daughter made up names for each barrette, and designed the labels, then they both colored, laminated, and cut them out. Here are a few of my favorites:

It feels great to have those barrette backings finally out of my stash, but we had so much fun making these ones, now I want to go out and buy some more!