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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

STASH Challenge - Sewing Machine Cover

I have a carrying case for my sewing machine, but I found if I keep it in there, I do not get my sewing machine out enough. It is just too much trouble to unpack it and set it up. By the time I'm done, I usually have to get back to the kids. I have been leaving my machine out all set up on the desk, and using a baby blanket to protect it from the dust. Not very attractive to see a shapeless lump on the desk every day.
I was browsing at Joann's for fabric to make a cover (finally) when I remembered the Challenge. At first I was trying to justify getting new fabric. My reasoning was that I was already planing on making a cover for a while now, just never got the fabric. So, the idea is STASH related. Lame, I know. I resisted all the fun fabrics and got just the bottle of Fray Check I went in to get. At home I went through my fabric stash. I had plans for all of them. At least for all the cute ones. I grabbed the denim fabric I got on clearance for the kids ages ago and started cutting. After I cut all the pieces out, I thought it was just too plain. I ended up rummaging through my scrap felt pieces to do an applique on the cover.
The colors were chosen in a specific order. Red, white and green. The Hungarian flag.