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Monday, February 28, 2011


I saw a recipe for a dump truck cake back in December. It made me laugh and I wished my son was into dump trucks so I could have an excuse to make it for him. But, he's been wanting a Thomas the Train cake from HEB for EVER. I hate spending that much money on something that is so not good for us. Thank goodness he met a friend at a park with a dump truck and he fell in love with the toy. Finally my excuse to use my stashed recipe. This was delicious and so so so so easy.

1 box of cake mix (make it into a 9x13 cake according to directions)
1 1/2 cup of whipped cream (measure before whipping)
1 box of chocolate pudding mix (the bigger one)
1 package of oreos.

Make and cool the cake, pudding, and whipped cream separately. When it's almost time to eat, cut the pieces of cake into 2 inch squares. Fold the pudding and whipped cream together. Crush about 10 oreos. Layer as you would a trifle. Make sure each layer is a few inches back from the lower one, so it looks like layers of dirt. If you want your pudding to be darker, just don't add as much whipped cream. I liked the light frosting quality of the creamy one but it's not as much like DIRT if you do it like that. We all loved it!