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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Stray Sock Doll Tutorial

First off, I'll say that this is not my invention and I recommend you buy the book 'Stray Sock Sewing' not just because it then gives credit where it is due, but also because his creatures are super cute AND he does a lot more than just the one-sock version that I make. I am not going to go into great detail on the style from the book, but will show a quickie run-down before showing a variation that I came up with the other day in more detail.
Above are some before&after socks, one with 'cat ears', one with bunny ears, and my variation.

Okay, so here goes!

Materials: a sock, stuffing, thread, needle, scissors, embroidery floss, beads and/or buttons.

1. Take your sock and trim off a little bit of the toe - this is where the stuffing will go in.

2. Turn the sock inside out and at the ankle end of your sock, cut a line down the middle for two longer bunny-type ears. The heel is where the face will be. Sew around to make your ears (sew VERY well because these socks really stretch and you can really stuff them with lots, so have a good seam here), turn right side out, stuff the ears with equal amounts of stuffing then stuff the body with a huge ball of stuffing. (Into a baby sock, I put in a non-smoshed ball of stuffing about the size of a cantalope, or more!)

3. The next fun part is deciding on and sewing the face.

4. Finally, sew the bottom closed with a running stitch that you then gather tightly and then stitch closed. (see the pink ones!)

On this cute yellow guy, I basically did everything the same, but instead I did not turn the sock inside out to sew the ears. About halfway from the ankle to the top of the heel, I did a running stitch around the sock, gathered and tightened this to close off the top. Then I cut some slits to give it 'hair' instead of ears. After that, it was the same procedure.

On the little pink one with the 'pigtails' I decided to try an even lazier version and didn't cut away the toe, but just stuffed that baby right off, cut a slit where I wanted the two separate pigtails to be, then did a little sewing (running stitch around each pigtail and then closing stitches in the middle) to keep them in place. I don't think this version stands as well, but I do like the pigtails!
Have fun! - Janice

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