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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Baby Gifts

A couple (or more) months ago I promised a baby gift set for my sister-in-law and a nursing cover for a friend. But my sewing machine started misbehaving and I was hesitant to start on anything that was going to be a gift. A few days later I was given the opportunity to buy a used Pfaff, but had to wait a month before I could get it, and then my Mom was visiting from Hungary for a few weeks. Right before she left, we decided to move to a bigger place by the end of March. I could not waste any more time, I had to start on the gifts before the craziness of packing takes over the house and I was determined to spend the first week of March sewing. Therefore it should not have been a surprise that I injured my knee at the beginning of the week. Of course it is not a simple sprain. Most likely it is a torn ligament. (I am seeing a specialist next week.) And of course on Friday my 5 year old broke his forearm. Both bones. What is wrong with the Universe? Is it really so bad that I wanted to spend a few hours sewing? On my new (used) Pfaff? By Saturday night  I was desperate. All week, my meds for my knee wake me up around 3 am, so finally instead of wishing to go back to sleep, I got up and got out the sewing machine. I could not believe how quiet the Pfaff is! And how easily it goes through thick folds! That machine is a workhorse. Now I wonder how in the world  I managed anything on my old and crippled Brother. Sewing the shawls was quick, easy and I am now looking forward to finishing the baby gift set with excitement. I get to sew on a machine that works like a dream!

I followed Sew Much Ado's directions, very well written and it was a really nice and easy project.
This is made with Amy Butler's Daisy Chain.

And this second was made with Michael Miller's Stone Huevos and graphite corduroy. I am almost done with the rest of the gifts that match.