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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Challenge: Got old soda cans?

I live in a small town without a lot of specialty shops to find everything I would like to use for projects. If I were in my hometown of Houston, I would hop in the car and head to Hobby Lobby or Sur la Table. As it is, I have to make do or do without.

I have to share this one because I think it's brilliant!

I wanted a cookie cutter in the shape of a small flower - small enough to fit on top of a cupcake. My cookie cutter supply isn't that great (I think I have a few halloween shapes and hearts) so I petitioned my friends to see if they had any ideas of how I could make my own.

A friend, coincidentally, had just found this tutorial herself and shared it with me. Basically you take an empty aluminum soda can, wash it out, cut off the top and bottom, then cut the flat part into strips that you then bend into your shape! I used my kitchen scissors to cut the aluminum and various pliers to help with the bending. The thing I love about this is the possibilities are endless! And they're cheap too :) I didn't get my flower "perfect" but I like it that way. It took some trial and error and I learned that too much bending and creasing will make it break. Another tip, take the time to cut straight lines. I didn't!

I used my cookie cutter to cut the fondant icing that was posted on this site a while back. My daughter is going to take these cupcakes to her Kindergarten class tomorrow to celebrate her birthday.

So don't throw out all your old pop cans, cut 'em apart and get creative!

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