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Monday, March 7, 2011

Packing Tape Roll Cuff Bracelet

I have a few packing tape rolls around the house. My kids always just played with them and when I felt I had enough of those rolling around the house, I would toss them in the garbage. I started thinking what I could make out of these. Thanks to this month's challenge, I look at what I throw out with more scrutiny. Although I cannot file this project under the challenge, it was inspired by it.
I have experimented a bit with this, so this is my 3rd version, the one I feel happy with.

Here is what I did.
 I started with making sure no tape was left on the roll.
 Since it was a bit big, and I had to cut away a good inch or more. I just eye-balled it.
 Then I rounded the edges.
 Since it was still loose, I taped the ends together with masking tape. Next I got a paintbrush out and a glass of water and started wetting the roll, inside and out. Just damp, but I kept brushing water on it every 10-15 minutes. I did it a few times, then the last time, I dipped my brush in white glue and brushed it all over. Finally, I let it dry all the way. This made the roll tighter and fit around my wrist much better.
 I measured the roll, added 3/4 inch to the measurements and grabbed some scrap fabric (1/2 inch for the seam allowance, and another 1/4 inch because of how thick the roll was). Cut out 2 strips, and rounded the edges.
 With the right sides facing each other, I sewed a short side and the 2 long sides together, I kept measuring as I sewed to make sure I was correct.

 Trimmed the edges and turned the sleeve I made right side out.
 Carefully, I pulled the fabric sleeve on the roll and sewed up the remaining short side by hand.
 At this point you have a basic, fabric covered cuff bracelet, and you can decorate it any way you like it.

I made a fabric rose by following  Trey and Lucy's directions, except I only used the smaller strip of fabric and I attached a large bead in the middle with a hot glue gun. Next I just sewed the flower on the cuff.

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