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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

That's Not Trash - Scoop

A quick last minute project and post. Literally, because I got about an hour before my husband unplugs the computer and packs it up. And I will not see it until the weekend.
The following pictures are horrible, I took them last night while I was cleaning.
 Here is what I started with. An empty buttermilk container. I cut, glued the lid on, measured and ...
 now I have a handy scoop for my flour bin. The picture does not show, but it is a large 5 gallon bin. We have several with flour, rice, even popcorn in it. It is much easier to reach in with the scoop than with little measuring cups. Also, I need to give credit to my husband. He thought of it while I was brainstorming out loud what I could do for this month's challenge.
Wish me luck! I am off to finish moving.

By the way,  I am excited about next month's challenge. Lori is hosting it, so watch out for her post come April 1st! (It will not be an April's Fool Joke.)