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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wall, bench and Knobs

Beadboard Wall:
This is a project that I was excited about. I'm trying to recall if I did any of the work on the beadboard wall. Oh yeah, I did the painting:) My husband was the muscle behind this project. I found the idea and tutorial at this site. We bought birch plywood and sheets of 8x4 beadboard. We cut the beadboard down to 4x4. Originally I would have liked it to be a bit taller, but then we would have had to buy three sheets. I'll live. Above the beadboard "we" attached 8" tall plywood, then a 4" shelf and added a molding to create a lip to the shelf. Good work Hubby, I love it. Now I need to decorate...I have some ideas.

These are my two little girl's baby blessing dresses. They were hanging in the closet gathering dust, so why not gather dust where I can enjoy them. I found these knobs at Hobby Lobby. Each is the first initial of my daughter's names. I have them hanging on either side of the window.
Clearly we will be switching out the old cream light switches and sockets for white ones. I painted the beadboard with a color we matched to the shutters in the room. I wanted to paint the walls a very light touch of pink. Ah-hmm. The photos are not coming out true to the color, but you can see that it is not a light touch of pink. I am not decorating in pink, I just wanted the walls pink. I haven't given up on the color yet, but if anyone has a pink color they LOVE, please share.

Hubby and I worked together in the garage and created this baby. We used the left overs from the wall project. I measured the space and drew up the plans. Cut plywood is not a pretty thing. So with the use of our friends: caulk, fillstick, wood glue, nailgun, clamps, sand paper and of course paint, we made a very pretty thing.

I am also showing off the cute owl my sister-in-law got my baby for her birthday:)

This is the same room I made this framed art for.