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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

GREEN - Reversible Kilts #1 and #2 (plus a lot of non-green ones!)

Hello again! I have been up to my neck in making costumes and things for the Irish dancing championships that my girls' dance school just participated in this past weekend. For our school's 'Show' performance, which I helped choreograph, I wanted our team to go from individual looks to a coordinated team look and decided on reversible wrap-around skirts. I had found a super deal on some cute zip-up kilts which I opened up and made into wrap-arounds (with a velcro closure), then I added a different decorated 'lining' to each one. I bought some inexpensive lining material, cut it out, pleated it (a first for me!),

sewed it on and finally decorated each with fabric paints (some rather ancient ones from my stash collection), lace, ribbon, fabric scraps and a very long chain of hand-knitted yarn.

Here's the green ones:
1. gold liner paint, scalloped and swirled
plus ribbons made of gold lamé and green organza
2. flowers made with fabric liner paints and butterflies made from fabric scraps
...and here are 7 of the other 8!

3. a long hand-knitted chain (made by one of my kids years ago!) of multi-colored yarn and hand-sewn on

4. swirls of fabric paints5. the first skirt I made completely - with lace
6. the word 'dance' and little bows made from blue-sequined fabric
7. lace, polka-dots and little hearts along the bottom

8. with fabric paints and 9. with fabric paint liners

Hopefully, I'll get a photo soon to show you all of the dancers in their skirts, both this way and the other. I thought I'd get this posted at least and I'm quite pleased how they all turned out.

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