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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Upholstering An Old Bench

We inherited an old-old bench and a rocking chair. They used to belong to my husband's mom and grandma. I am guessing they are about 50 + years old. I got approval from my husband to reupholster both. I started with the bench.
 It is hard to tell from the picture, but the fabric was fraying heavily around the corners.  After a quick research, I went over to Hobby Lobby, picked up a heavy staple gun and some fabric. I did not get upholstery fabric. I could not bring myself to spend $25 for a yard, and be mad at myself if I ruin it. I got a heavier cotton fabric, a bit like canvas in thickness, but with a much nicer drape. I am not in love with the design, but for now it will work.
I made a few mistakes around the corners. Only one turned out perfect. Funny, it was the first corner I did.
I still think it is an improvement. Starting with the bench was perfect, even though it was in much better shape than the rocking chair. It gave me the confidence I needed to tackle the old rocking chair. That will take a bit longer and I am not going to start on it until we are done unpacking. For now, I am happy though.