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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Brown and Blue

Do you like colors? I do. I am attracted to colors. Whether it is yarn, fabric or beads. I am sure most people are. It is usually the vibrant or mellow colors of our favored craft materials that catch our eyes and grab our attention. I love going to the LYS (local yarn store), stand in a spot and almost inhale the different colors.

Sometimes though, I crave certain colors. Right now it is blue and brown. Which would explain why I was very much attracted to this fabric, even though the print was not something I see myself with. Usually once I finish a project with the colors I am obsessed with at the time, I am able to relax and move on. This time I am stuck on brown and blue. It may have something to do with  the high stress I am experiencing right now. Life has been throwing curve ball after curve ball at me for the past few weeks. Nothing extreme, but enough to test me.

The color blue is strongly associated with tranquility and calmness. Brown says stability and it offers a sense of orderliness. All of which I am missing right now. No wonder I literally crave these two colors.

Where am I going with all this talk of brown and blue? Well, I felt I should explain why my next few projects are all going to seem strikingly familiar. I noticed that the batch of  project pictures I uploaded and started editing were all brown and blue. I did not realize it until I put all the pictures I was going to post in the same folder and was able to see them together.

I made 3 new jewelry this past 2 weeks and I am working on another. Yes, they are all brown and blue. I also started to work on 2 linen skirts...1 brown and 1 blue. Anyways, here is the first of many brown and blue project pictures....

A chunky stone bracelet made with Pietersite and Turquoise beads. The smaller faceted round beads are jasper, I have no idea which kind. I failed to save the tag.

And number 2

Smokey quartz and Turquoise with Bali silver.

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