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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Diagonal- Ring display

As I finished this display for my daughter, I realized it had a diagonal and that was the main reason it worked. So, for this month's theme, here is another DIAGONAL.
My daughter has 'Market Day' where each student has to make 10-15 of one type of item and sell it for 10-25cents each. They learn to make correct change, math, marketing (they make signs), and more. She's really excited. I helped make a display for the rings we made together.
It is made from an old thin wooden picture frame, 2 layers of cardboard and a cardboard stand stapled on the back. Bulk lace is stapled to the back and the stand to keep it secure and stable. A scrap of black spandex material is taped and stapled around the first cardboard. I love spending nothing and making something useful! The back isn't pretty, but it won't be seen.