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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fabric For Good Behavior

A couple of weeks ago my two youngest tagged along as I spent a few hours running errands. They were patient with me as I dragged them through Walmart, made a quick stop at the library, Petco (OK, they did have fun there), book store and finally Hobby Lobby. I made a mental note to make sure I pick up some paint or a small craft kit for them, since they behaved so well.  As I was picking up thread and rummaging through fabric remnants, my 5 year old asked if he could pick out some fabric, reasoning that it has been "years" since I made something for him. Who can say no to that?  I was going to get him something anyways...but this way we both win. He picked out a 1/2 yard fabric remnant with flames and my 2 year old grabbed fabric with Harley motorcycles on it. (He is obsessed with motorcycles, helicopters and airplanes.)
Honestly, I forgot about the fabric they chose. Until last Saturday, when above mentioned 5 year old, reminded me that I still need to make his "fire pants". After the kids went to bed and my husband was busy beating his friend at table tennis, I sat down to cut the fabric and sew.
 The backside of the "fire pants" with an extra large pocket and his initial. The 5 year old likes to stuff his pockets with various random objects and he always complains  he does not have enough pocket space. That should not be a problem with these shorts.  I also made these shorts a bit longer (the hem is right below his knees) so he can still wear them next year.
 And the motorcycle shorts for the 2 year old. I think I may need to make another pair for him, because he refuses to take these off.

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