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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's an icecream cone, nooo, it's cake!

It's been a busy season. Just about the time I got our temporary rental feeling like home , we were blessed to find a house and we got to move. My sewing/crafts are all in bins on a shelf, but none of the bins are organized. Just to find a needle and thread is a daunting task. So there hasn't been a whole lot of creativity coming from me. But my daughters, who've had way more free time than I, haven't missed a step. When our new neighbors held a potluck at a nearby park to welcome us to the neighborhood (amazing, huh? I love our neighbors), it was time to put our best foot forward. I made German potato salad and charoset to feed an army, but my daughters really stole the show with these:
Following the instructions from Bakerella here, and with Grandma's assistance (thanks mom!), They turned out beautifully! I think they're every bit as cute as Bakerella's. Everyone loved then and oohed and aahhed appropriately, and the girls were very proud of themselves. I'm proud of them too!