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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


                                                     This month's challenge is: Walls
My walls are needing some loving care. The other day as I was cleaning my living room, I realized that not only did the pictures on the wall desperately need dusting, but my walls needed dusting too! With four kids in the home I am constantly focused on the floor. My poor neglected walls!!
I definitely have wall issues. What do I put on the narrow wall between the door and window? How do I break up that big long wall? How should I best arrange this group of picture frames? What should I put IN this frame? What else can I put on a wall besides ANOTHER frame?
 How have you dressed your walls?
This challenge is very open.  Anything goes: bargains, facelifts, crafts, rearranging already on the wall items,  store bought items, don't forget wall cleaning tips...REALLY anything to do with any wall in your home. Find a troubling spot and fix it.
At the end of the month I will select my favorite entry and the winner will receive a set of three hand knitted dishcloths (hee hee, I'm still excited about my new skill). Good luck everybody. I've already begun my first project and look forward to getting inspiration from you.