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Friday, June 10, 2011

One color cake

I like to decorate every birthday cake I make for my family, but I usually have little time left to do it before the party. A simple little trick to decorating faster is to use one color of food coloring and adding it progressively as you mix the frosting- (oh, yeah, and this is easier if you like to make your own frosting and color it, too.) It was a carrot cake made from scratch. It was really good- the recipe was very easy- here is the link.
1. Make sure you put some frosting in a ziploc bag (at least 1/2 cup)before adding any color (white).
2. Then, for the bulk of the cake, you make a 'middle tone' by adding enough of the color and mix with beaters. Frost the cake, leaving enough extra frosting to make at least one more darker color for decorations (1/2 cup or more).
3. Add a bunch more drops to make the last 'dark tone', and blend with beaters. Put it into a ziploc bag.
4.Push all of the frosting towards one corner of the ziploc bags and snip a very little bit off the corner.
5. Pipe all the designs like you would using similarly shaped decorating tip. It's very versatile! You can even cut different designs (leaf, star, etc.) in the tip if you tape it with several layers of scotch tape before cutting.
*After doing all of the mixing, the beaters had this really cool gradient of blue since the frosting level lowered every time I made a new tone of blue! I wish I had taken a picture-- but I ran out of time!

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