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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Quilt For GeeGee

One of our readers asked about a quilt she spotted in my post about the Slouchy Bag. The quilt was made by my mother-in-law, Terry. We have received many quilts from her and each one is beautiful and made with great skill. This specific quilt was made by her 11 years ago and we use it every day. It still looks beautiful and I have not noticed any signs of wear and tear, proof that she got talent! Since I am not a quilter, I cannot tell you more about it. Enjoy the picture!

And here are the measurments for the quilt. It is 88 inches by 72 inches and I chose a corner to draw and measure. I should say that all the measuremnts are bit inconsistent, sometimes just by a 1/10 of an inch, sometimes 1/4. I checked throughout the quilt and wrote the measuremnts I most often took. Terry, the maker of this beautiful quilt told me that this was her first! I am amazed! She has a natural talent for quilt making.
Hope this helps!