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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer kids' craft: "Absorbing Artwork"

At our house this summer, every Tuesday is crafts day. Which usually begins with lots of fun, and ends with me shooing all besplattered kids off for a movie at the end so I can think again. But I digress. Whilst searching the internets for fun ideas, I came across this article in Family Fun magazine:

It looked do-able, so we gave it a shot today. The kids had lots of fun. I liked that I had all materials already on hand: cardstock, white glue, salt, food coloring, and droppers.

Basically, you "draw" a design all over the cardstock with the glue and then shake salt over the whole thing until the glue is covered. On some designs we shook the salt off at that point (leaving the paper clear except for the salt that clung to the wet glue), and on other designs we just left the salt on the paper as we shook it. Both looked neat.

With a dropper you squirt drops of water with food coloring (I used about 5-6 drops for 1/4 c. water) over the design. It's fun to watch the salt conduct the color along the glue tubes, especially when the colors met at an intersection. In fact, we had a couple of impromptu little science lessons as we watched.

This kept my kids plus a friend entertained for nearly an hour, and there is not room on my kitchen counters to hold all of the designs drying right now. I think we'll try it again in a few weeks, maybe with neon food coloring for a change.

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