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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer kids' craft: Pom pom flowers

Yesterday was another Craft Tuesday at our house, and again I was searching for cute ideas that didn't require a special trip to the craft store.
I found this fantastic tutorial at and since I have yarn, forks, and paperclips on hand, we gave it a try. This was a definite winner.

Because it was so simple, my kids and their friends made numerous pom poms.
Oddly, I could only find two for a picture, and they aren't even the cutest ones. I finally hid my good yarn and let them use the cheap "rainbow" yarn pictured here.
My preschooler did need extra help with the weaving, but the older kids did just fine. Cheap materials + relatively easy craft + kids occupied for a good chunk of time = contented mom. Happy Summer!