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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Truth

The truth is, the projects you see from me posted on a weekly basis are usually 1 or 2 (or 4) weeks old. I always have a few draft posts going at the same time, to have a ready supply in case life gets busy. Most bloggers already do this. We all juggle many things, activities on a daily basis. But we cannot balance everything at the same time. Sometimes you have to drop a ball or 3 in order to get things done. You have to prioritize. What is more important on any given day? Laundry, dinner, clean bathrooms, work out, sweep, vacuum, dust, pick up, teach kids (I home school), Cub Scout stuff, bills to pay, errands to run, errands I want to run (trip to Hobby Lobby for example), blog, edit pictures, sew, knit, spin, cut fabric out, browse Internet....I cannot do it all. I usually pick a few and the others I have just let go. Home school is a given, I do it everyday. Cooking? Nope, every other day. Cleaning? Depends on how bad things are in which area of the house. For the last 2 weeks I did not have time for any of my hobbies. Life got busy with sick kids, Cub Scout Day camp, toddler refusing to nap and too many spilled juice cups. I managed to keep up with the house, laundry and cooking thanks to our break from home school, worked out most of the week and cooked, but I had no energy left for sewing or jewelry making.  I also used up all my draft posts. Plus I did  not clean my craft area, which is in our bedroom and I get a creative block when it is a mess.
Here is a picture of my bin where I keep all sewing projects that I need to work on. Mending, already cut out fabric, clothing waiting to be refashioned etc. And my desk. Where I am supposed to cut fabric, sew, make jewelry and so forth. This is the good angle by the way.
Even the drawers where I keep scrap fabric and notions was in a huge disarray. By Saturday night I knew I had to do something. So I spent  a couple of hours (yes, it took that long!) to clean up.
Much better. I had to go through the bin and pull out stuff I knew could wait. Like the flannel pj pants I cut out and started sewing for all the boys. Those can wait until the fall.
And my desk is cleaned, drawers organized, ready for projects. So, maybe next week, I will have a post for you. Until then, enjoy my mess, hope I made you feel better about yours :)