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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Walls - favorite characters

Okay, so it is 30 minutes till the deadline for the June WALLS challenge and I wanted to add something in the form of an idea. My husband's mother is a very creative woman, and when her kids were little, one day she came up with a project for the whole family to do. It was an art project, where each member of the family participated. There are 6 kids in the family, so with the parents they altogether had eight squares made. They are made of hard cardboard, 15 inches on each side with oil base paint (as far as I can tell). As you can see, we have a thing for BATMAN.............

The pictures aren't perfect, the colors and edges don't all match,
but this was such a beloved project for all of them that they kept the pieces and we inherited them. My husband and my kids love them and want to put them up on a wall, we just can't agree on where yet. Mainly because the prime spot downstairs where they want them is the same spot I want this same project - just done now, 20 years later, with my husband and my kids for ourselves. Selfish?? I don't know. There's another prime spot upstairs..... :)

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