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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

WALLS: Kids' gallery

I share Wendy's puzzlement with what to do with some of my walls. The kids' playroom has been a big blank slate ever since we moved into our home. After the painters left two weeks ago, one particular wall seemed even bigger and blanker.

I just happened to be going through all of the end-of-year projects the kids brought home at the same time, and remembered an idea I'd seen years ago about turning my kids' work into a gallery. I bought several cheap matching document frames, chose some of my favorite projects the kids brought home from school, and hung them up in an arrangement.

I think it fills in the space nicely, but I was unprepared for my kids' excitement at seeing their work on display. The first few days I caught them standing alone, admiring their art. One son even made a placket describing his masterpiece like he's seen in museums.

This has "motivated" them to create new masterpieces for me to display, so I plan on rotating the work displayed as new pieces are created. And after spending one long, hot week at scout camp, I'm glad to encourage an inside, air-conditioned activity for a change!