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Saturday, July 23, 2011

broken promises

I really need to watch what I promise on this blog. When I posted the Knitted Cat Scarf Pattern, I promised to have a dog scarf pattern up soon. Well, I have started on it. I got about 2 inches so far. Life and other projects got in the way.

Then I posted a Sneak Peak and promised a how-to. I actually did make 2 new tunics with matching shorts, took tons of pictures for the tutorial and edited some. I even started writing the post, but then I thought of a much neater way to add the yoke and now I do not want to publish the original post. But I have not had time to make a new tunic, so again, a broken promise.

Good thing I don't get paid to blog!

Have you ever promised something and not delivered? If not, how do you keep your promises?

Next week I'll show you how to stall. Wait, I just did ; )