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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July Challenge- Head Jewelry

Ever since I went to the Texas Renaissance Festival as a teenager and saw some really pretty 'coverlets' or head jewelry, I've wanted to make my own. The one at the festival I really liked was closer to $100. In recent years, I've found an interest in India and it's saris. There is jewelry called matha-patti that I really like, too. Find it under "belly dance jewelry". Here is a picture of one I almost bought but decided to make a simpler version on my own:

Above is the one on ebay I really liked. The price ironically doubled right after I decided to make my own.
Front of my jewelry creation.
Back- the comb anchors the whole thing. The ones on ebay that I was looking at only had hooks at the end of each chain. There is a seller that makes 'body jewelry' that is in my favorites near the bottom if you want to take a look. I like the idea, but wouldn't wear some of them...
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