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Friday, July 29, 2011

New Challenge- Building Shelves

I have always admired women who build furniture. No matter how simple it is, there is something to be said about a woman who knows how to handle a table saw and a nail gun. Wendy, a fellow author on our blog has some experience with woodworking.  Plus her husband is amazing when it comes to making anything out of wood.

 I have always wanted to learn how make simple furniture. Table, shelves, desk...nothing too complicated. When I read about this month's challenge, I knew this was my chance to act. I approached Wendy and asked her and her husband to help me make a couple projects we needed. My 12 year old needed a small shelf to put his home school books on, since his desk is too full with all the models he is building. And I needed a shelf to go on top of my sewing desk to help contain the mess.

See, here is my very organized and thought out plans. I had to modify it a bit, but this was my starting point. My original plans were to refinish the sewing desk also. Here is a picture of the "eye sore" as my husband calls my craft area. A shelf would really help.

 But my husband quickly pointed out that it would be better if I got (or made) a nicer desk. One thing at a time. For now, I will be just happy with the shelves on top, even if it is not going to match.

 Anyways, I got to use a table saw and a nail gun too. I could not have gotten anywhere without Wendy and her husband and his workshop. I admire Wendy, and her willingness to risk her fingers while she was helping me position the wood so I could nail it together. I did miss a few times, but thankfully only my shelves suffered not her fingers. I am satisfied that I got to try my hand and designing, measuring, cutting, nailing- at making my own simple furniture.

I am happy with the outcome, even though it is not finished yet. I still need to put (cut, nail) the bead board back on, prime, paint and finish the shelves. So technically my project is not done yet. Here is how the shelves look now, pictures are courtesy of Wendy, since they are still in her garage. When I am all done, I will show them off.

 As you can see, it leans over a bit. I need to add the backing to stabilize it.

 And this will go on top of my sewing desk. Lots of storage!

What I learned:

  • Sewing is easier. 
  • Woodworking in the summer in a garage workshop makes for a good workout.
  • Table saw is scary, but I think a circular saw is scarier.
  • Using a nail gun is easy and fun, as long as you are accurate.
Funny tidbit: I took the cut boards home to put edge bending on and to sand them lightly. My 5 year was watching me work on the patio and commented the following as he watched a scrap piece fall on the ground. "Mom, is that the edge bending? Just want to make sure I know. When my friends come over and you have not cleaned up yet, I can tell them it is edge bending."  He is right. I still have not cleaned up my mess outside.

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