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Monday, July 11, 2011

NEW Challenge - sewing experiments

I'll admit that I am not a whiz at sewing, so following someone's online tutorial or designing and making something myself is quite new for me. This weekend I not only had some free time, but was inspired to play around a bit and try out both! (This opportunity was made much easier by the fact that a few weeks ago I not only cleaned up all of my craft stuff and fabrics, but I also set up my sewing machine on a desk with all my threads, etc. right next to it!)
First, I was a good mom and did all of my mending! After that I added a small piece of elastic to some triangular neckerchiefs for my little daughter to wear instead as kerchiefs to keep her hair off of her face and neck.

A week or so ago, I found this cute pleated pouch pattern at
On Saturday, I dug through my fabrics, disassembled a cute but outgrown baby sundress (for the lining) and made the pouch. It turned out a little lopsided somehow, but still sweet. My older daughters gave it a vote of approval!

On Sunday, I decided to unearth a wool sweater that I had felted in my washing machine about 4 months ago. (That was my first experiment doing that and I was pleased with the result!) The blue wool is so soft and pretty, and I really wanted to make something pretty but also useful. I decided on a shoulder bag keeping as much of the sweater as intact as possible.

First, I cut away the collar and the sleeves and cut across the front of the sweater just under the sleeves. I then had the entire bottom half (which made up the main section of the bag) and the still-attached back of the sweater for the flap. I made the shoulder strap from the sleeves. The buttons and loops came from the leftover scrap from the front top and for each button I cut a strip which I knotted twice and handsewed on. Because it is thick felt, I didn't need to do any hemming or finishing, so I had to sew very little actually: the bottom, the straps and the loops.

I like the texture from the ribbing of the bottom of the sweater and sleeves (straps). And I'm pretty pleased with my little buttons!

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