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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

NEW- Wire Rings

I have always wanted to learn how to make wire rings. What kept me back is the fact that I would not be able to wear them. My hand is sensitive to metals. Every type of metal. Now you know why I do not wear a wedding ring. We have tried buying stainless steel, hypoallergenic surgical steel rings and it is true that I can wear those for about half a day without a reaction, I just don't think it it worth the hassle. So I just don't wear rings. But I always wanted to learn how to make wire rings. Thanks to this month's challenge, I can justify indulging in something I always wanted to do but is not practical for me. I made 6 rings (not counting my practice rings) and I tried to wear one for about an hour, before red spots started appearing on my finger and I had to remove it. Soon I would have lesions that would burst and scab over. Painful and inconvenient. Still it was fun and I love just looking at the wire rings. They make me happy. They were simple to make, although I do admit it took me a few tries before I made one that actually looked good. Here is a link to a great tutorial. I do not have a ring mandrel, so I just measured my finger with a thread and found a dowel that was the right size. I also tried large marker, different handles from various kitchen items, just to give you a few ideas.
My favorite.
I used a vintage Swarovski crystal and bronze wire.

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