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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Spotlight - Rag Rugs

Janice is traveling and while she is away, I am taking over her "Spotlight" posts. I have always liked rag rugs, but these beauties are simply amazing. I could not get enough of them. Just looking at the beautiful colors makes me happy. I found them all on Flickr by the way. And all of my favorites were made by this talented crafter.

 I have never crocheted a rag rug, but now I am extremely tempted. Most of these were made using T-shirts and bed sheets. Here is a great site with tips on rag rugs from a master rugmaker. 

A couple tutorials I really liked:

And a tip I found on a  Crochet Works forum on

"Prepare your cloth by unpicking both hems. It is best to use 100 percent cotton sheets for this, polyester fabrics will not tear so easily. Now starting at one end, tear off a 1 inch wide strip from the cloth. When you come to the end of the strip stop about 1 inch from the end, so that the strip is not completely separated from the main cloth. now start tearing the next strip 2 inches away from the edge, so that your next strip is 1 inch wide but still attached to your first strip. if you tear like this in a zigzag manner, you will end up with the whole bedsheet torn into one continuous long strip, which you can wind up into a ball as you go along, so that it doesn't tangle. The tearing process is a great stress buster and can be done to relieve any bad feelings you have towards your boss, neighbour, household assistant, etc."

Do you want to go and start tearing up your bed sheets? I sure do!