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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Holidays Challenge- T-shirt Dress

Here is something from my youth: T-shirt dresses. My mother made for me and some of my sisters t-shirt dresses. This one that I made for my 3-year old looks like an Easter dress.
I went to Hobby Lobby when they had 1/2 off all t-shirts and had each girl choose from the
dozen or so colors. They all three chose light pink. Then I went to my mother's stash of fabric and had them choose from the fabric that would actually match the shirt. I made the youngest's dress first.
I looked at a pattern to get the idea for the construction of the double ruffle skirt on the bottom.
I drew some ideas and to get approval from the girls. I had each girl try on the shirt, and then I measured from the bottom of the shirt to the length I wanted.

A 'blank' section plus the bottom ruffle will be the length I measured from the bottom of the shirt to the length I want(plus 1/4" seam allowances). Always add seam allowances to either side of the pieces you are sewing together.
The 'blank' unseen section needs a slight curve like skirt hems usually have.(I used a piece of fabric that had been cut out for a dress but never needed/used, so it already had a 'curve' hemline.)
The top ruffle 1-1/2 times the measurement of the shirt circumference.
The bottom ruffle has 2 to 4 inches more length. Since I'm using leftover fabric for ruffles, I've had to add a section to the bottom ruffle to equal the length I need. It's a ruffle and the extra seams won't be noticed.
The bottom ruffle needs to be overlapped by the top ruffle, so I made it about an inch longer than the top ruffle.

The visible parts of both ruffles will be equal in length.

Gather the ruffles until they are the length of the edge of the 'blank' piece you will attach them to. (Top ruffle same length as top edge; bottom ruffle same length as bottom edge.)
Pin and sew ruffles to 'blank' piece.
This is how it looks:
I added small lace to the bottom edge by zigzagging it on the raw edge.
I thought I was done and tried it on my daughter, but the shirt looked too long. I marked the shirt and then removed the skirt off the shirt with seam ripper. I don't like cutting unless necessary, so I just sewed the skirt on at the marking/fold, leaving the length of shirt still there.

I used a ribbon that was longer than I needed and just sewed it right on the top edge of the ribbon, cutting excess when done. I tied a bow and sewed it on using a longer stitch right over the knot.
Cute! Now she wears something other than her one favorite dress every Sunday! Actually, now she only wears this one...

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