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Monday, August 29, 2011

HOLIDAYS: Ice Cream Pie

I'm usually pretty good about planning ahead. It's one of my Type A characteristics that I'll claim as a talent. But there's something about the holiday season that sends My Plans out the door.
And that is why I always have an ice cream pie in my freezer come Christmas time, just for that spontaneous "come on over to our house after the concert" get-together, the "OH-NO-my-toddler-got-into-the-dessert-an-hour-before-people-show-up" back up, or even (come January) the grown ups' game night when we all realize that we're hungry for something sweet, or Sunday dinner with friends where I totally spaced that we would want to have dessert at the end. It's kind of like entertainment insurance that sits happily in the freezer until my hour of need.

One of the best things about this pie--aside from general yumminess--is that it's so easy to make! The list of ingredients is:

Oreo cookie crust
Favorite flavor of ice cream
Chocolate syrup optional

Does it get much easier than that? I think not.

Since peppermint always seems festive around the holiday season, I usually buy a couple of these to keep on hand. However, other flavors are also delicious--cookies and cream, burnt almond fudge, banana pudding (Blue Bell, how I love thee...), mint chocolate chip, rocky road, etc.

Let the ice cream sit out on the counter for half an hour or so to get a little bit soft. Then spoon it into the crust ...

... and spread it around until it fills in. You have to work quickly at this point, though, or the edges will get soupy.

Like so. But that's not the end of the world because this whole pie goes back into the freezer to freeze up solid again. After it's frozen firmly again, cover it with foil to prevent freezer burn / ice crystals.

When you're ready to serve, warm a sharp knife in hot water and slice the pie into desired sections. I always think it looks nice on a frosted plate with chocolate syrup drizzled over the top.

Now you can sit back and relax a bit, knowing that you've got dessert covered in a pinch!

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