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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Knitting on the go

I'm not posting this project because it's unique and brilliant (it's not), but to make the point that knitting is a great hobby for people on the go.  Even if beading or sewing or woodworking is your drug of choice, it pays to invest some time in developing your knitting/ crocheting skills, because knit/crochet is super portable. 
Case in point.
This week I'm at a church youth camp, "mom" to nine 14 year old girls, plus my own daughter.  As you might imagine, there's not much downtime.  But I discovered that the little mesh elastic pocket on the side of my backpack is perfect for holding a ball of yarn.  (see picture) Thus equipped, I can knit while standing or sitting around during flag times, singing times, campfire, adult meetings, etc.  I can even knit while walking back and forth to said activities.  I finished this knitted  water bottle cover (see other picture), making it up as I went along, in one twenty-four hour period, just by grabbing those odd bits of time.  I finished a second one, using my crochet hook, in a twelve hour period.
Granted, you have to pick the right project, a cabled sweater or toe up socks knit on two circular needles wouldn't work under these circumstances, it needs to be mindless knitting.  But the right project will make the time fly by, and you'll have something to show for it when you're done.  A little present for your homesick twelve year old (who's somehow managed to be homesick even though her mom is here with her), and a present for the other daughter who wasn't old enough to come to camp and feels left out enough already without mom making a present for her sister and not for her.  Whew.  So now I've got them both covered...Now if only I'd brought some blue yarn for my son.  Hmmm, maybe one of my 14 year olds has a blue t-shirt that's too low-cut that I could confiscate on moral grounds-- then cut it up and make t-shirt yarn... Totally kidding of course.
But back to the main point.  Knitting is fun! And portable! And nobody is too busy to knit.  And if you are busy, it's a great stress reliever with none of the fattening or cancer causing side effects of other popular stress relievers.  So grab some pointy sticks and a long piece of string and make something beautiful!

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