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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sewing Tip- Ironing Down Hemline Made Easy

My least favorite part of sewing is ironing down the hem or making a fold to encase elastic. Because even though I have a nice little handy tool to measure hem depth, I always screw up somewhere. Now, you should know that I am not an expert or very experienced sewer. I am learning as I go along. After some thinking, I decided to make my own tool to aid me in making perfectly even hemlines. All you need is some hard paper, card stock or a manila  folder, pencil, ruler and scissors. Cut a rectangle, mine is 8 by 5 inches.
Then mark every half inch from 2 of the sides.( You can choose to mark at different intervals.)
 That's it. Done. Pretty high- tech, huh?
What matters is that I can iron beautifully even hemlines, or folds. You can use this for pin tucks (except when you are making the Pin Tuck Wave Pillow) too!
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