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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sewing/Craft Shelf Is DONE!

I did not like painting this shelf. The heat did not help the experience either. I should have just stained it and that's it. It also would have been much cheaper, but I had my ideas and I did not do enough research. I was simply impatient which cost me time and money. Don't get me wrong. I love the shelves, having a place for everything within an arm's reach instead of having to get up to fetch needles or buttons from the closet. Plus, I have room for craft supplies in front of me. If they are tucked away somewhere, I forget about them. I have not done any yarn dyeing since my  mom was here and now having the dyes on the shelf in front of me is great motivation! I am still not sure I love the color. In small amounts I love the Burnt Acorn I picked out, but I felt it was a bit too much having that big shelf painted with it. Now that I have books and bins and craft supplies on the shelves, it is not quite as shocking, but I think I may re-paint it one day. When I get a good desk or table to go with it. I think I will paint it a cream-eggshell color and distress it to show the burnt acorn (which is 'just orange' according to my husband.)

 I love having room to put some yarn and fabric right in front of me! I tend to forget what I have and I should really use my stash more. I already started knitting with one of those skeins! All in all I am happy. It was a good learning experience and now I know to approach woodworking and painting furniture with more caution. And I need to prepare better.

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