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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Spotlight - For A Book Lover

I know what I want for my birthday. Or Christmas.

I do not know who made it, where it stands, or the people who get to enjoy it every day. I envy them.
 I love books. I love to read them, collect them, just simply hold them. My knees get weak at the sight of bookshelves. When I saw this picture on Pinterest, I loved it right away. Just one look and the memories fill me. The Big Tree in the Shire with the large tent and Bilbo celebrating his birthday, Toad in his car driving madly down the road, Aslan as he lays on the Stone Table, and Harry, driving away the dementors with his Patronus. One day, I hope to have a house with trees in the yard. Where I would put a Lampost and a bench and a sign post just like this. And I hope to read Peter Rabbit's adventures on the bench, while munching on some carrots and apples. One can always dream.